Year-end perspective: the reason we struggle and succeed

Am I the only one in dire need of some downtime? Deadlines, travels, last minute complications, etc. have consumed my energy and I’m looking forward to replenishing it with a few days’ rest.

If you relate consider the following verse, which has been a great source of refreshment for me: “This is why we work hard and continue to struggle, for our hope is in the living God, who is the Savior of all people.” 1 Timothy 4:10 (TLT).

In all sincerity, taking Kerux Group from an idea to a fully operational agency has been extremely demanding. Many times I faced the hard question: Why am I doing this? And it’s in these words from the Apostle Paul that I found the answer: because the message of the The Living Savior must transcend languages, nations, and cultures, reaching all people.

It is that aspiration that fuels our team’s passion – and the reason we are ending with joyful gratitude for our third year in business. Let me share some quick highlights of what the Lord allowed us to accomplish in 2018:

  • We partnered with FamilyLife to produce in Spanish the Like Arrows movie and Art of Parenting curriculum.

  • We continued our work with the Center for Church Renewal to launch the Spanish version of the Life Essentials Study Bible authored by Dr. Gene Getz.

  • We launched a fundraising strategy with Back to the Bible that will allow their Spanish ministry to be self-sustaining.

  • We joined the Culture Marketing Council Annual Conference to film interviews with industry-leading, multicultural marketing executives about how nonprofits can engage Hispanics more effectively.

These achievements have set the course for an even more exciting 2019. You will hear more specifics early next year, but I can tell now you’re going to like it! As a preview, one area we will focus on is providing quality content that educates and empowers you to speak to the hearts of Hispanics. To that end, we are already working on articles, videos, webinars events, and a brand new website.

As you enter these coming days of relaxation, I pray your heart is refreshed and your vision refocused with the call God has placed on your life  – so when next year’s struggles arise you are energized to persevere in your mission.

From all of us, have the best Christmas and New Year ever!

Ivan Leon
Founder and Chief Strategist

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