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NRB TALK 2022: The Multicultural Majority

The US population is undergoing an unstoppable transformation. By 2050, ethnic minorities will become the majority – a shift already registered in the 0-18 years old segment. As this racial diversification occurs, new media consumption behaviors emerge, forcing producers, distributors and advertisers to rethink how to best engage this new audience. Come hear the latest data and tested strategies that will help you create, promote and deliver content that resonates with multicultural audiences.
Watch below the talk delivered by our Chief Strategist, Ivan Leon, during NRB 2022. Download Slides here

Video courtesy of NRB.

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How to Recruit Hispanic Students for Your College or University

Gen z is the most diverse general ever. Here are the strategies you need to recruit Hispanic students for your higher education institution.

Few marketers have to keep their eyes on the coming generation like higher education marketers.

They’re among the first to begin working out messaging strategies for new generations coming up into young adulthood.

For the first time, though, the coming generation isn’t just different because of their age. They’re different in their ethnic makeup.

Generation Z, or iGen as some others call them, is the most ethnically diverse generation to date as recorded by sociologists.

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