What Nonprofits Must Know About Hispanics

Welcome to the Kerux Group’s library of multimedia on multicultural marketing.

By the time you finish viewing the videos and reading the articles, you’ll be thanking us. That’s how confident we are about the value of the insights you’ll glean. Each piece of content was designed with leaders like you in mind, interlacing the latest about Hispanic trends with application in the nonprofit space.

Whether this is new territory or you’re a multicultural marketing genius you’ll benefit from the sections on why Hispanic marketing matters. Alberto Lorente, marketing director for Sprint, shared that Hispanics represent a disproportionate percentage of Sprint’s customers. As a result, the company sells more in the Hispanic segment than Verizon or AT&T – even though Sprint is smaller than both! Alicia Enciso, CMO of Nestlé, shared how her company made gains in instant coffee while the rest of the industry shrank. How did they do it? Nestlé used nuanced cultural insights to engage Hispanic audiences.

Have you just begun to explore Hispanic marketing, or already started to see results? This package also offers specific strategies for targeting Hispanics. Ricardo Aspiazu, Director of Brand Marketing at Verizon, described how reaching bicultural millennials is a faster way to reach all U.S. Hispanics. Marissa Solis, VP of PepsiCo’s Hispanic Business Unit, dove into the intersection of Hispanic marketing, social media, and big data.

But don’t take our word for it. Dive in. The experts’ take on Hispanic marketing awaits!





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