What Nonprofits Must Know About Hispanics: Insights from Intuit

So you want to speak to multicultural audiences. The good news: there’s a million marketing agencies out there. The bad news: there’s a million marketing agencies out there. When your nonprofit needs help with multicultural marketing, what should you look for? The mainstreaming of cultural knowledge has some people asking if specifically multicultural agencies are still relevant. All of which begs the question: Who will be your organization’s most effective ally? As Senior Brand and Latino Marketing Manager at Intuit, John Sandoval has met more than his fair share of agencies. In his interview with the Kerux Group, he laid out the most important strengths an agency should have in order to connect you with multicultural audiences.

Does one thing well

“We work best with agencies that are experts in their respective areas.”

First and foremost, an agency should hold multicultural marketing as their top priority. It’s true, social media and big data are helping personalize our interactions with the public. Yet at the same time, consciously or unconsciously, people still hold culture as one of the most important parts of their identities. By understanding culture, marketers can engage people at a core level. When you want to engage a multicultural audience, choose an agency that invests in culture first. John Sandoval understands the temptation to search for an agency that does it all: multicultural, digital, design… However, he says an agency with one specialization will do its job better than a supposed jack-of-all-trades. For the most part, multicultural marketing agencies are better equipped than agencies who approach the segment as an afterthought.

Plays well with others

Your agency should be a multicultural expert, but it should also be flexible. Find an agency with the ability to collaborate. John shared how TurboTax’s two marketing agencies work together on a regular basis; in this instance, a multicultural agency is working with a general market agency. Other times, it’s two multicultural agencies. Your marketing team might work closely with an agency, or you might trust them with the bulk of the work. It’s up to you, but make sure the group you choose can flex and respond to your nonprofit’s needs.

Knows your nonprofit in and out

Finally, find an agency that not only responds to what you tell them, but deeply understands your mission. John says the right agency should know your business better than you do. If they can bring you a solution you haven’t found on your own, it’s a good indication they’re putting in the right effort. An agency’s skill in multicultural marketing and flexibility are crucial, but they must also invest in knowing your nonprofit. Generic solutions aren’t solutions.

Narrowing down the search

The ocean of agencies available to your nonprofit can be overwhelming, but knowing what you’re looking for makes all the difference. Following these criteria should help you narrow down the list of potential partners. Find an agency that prioritizes multicultural, collaborates confidently, and knows your organization well. Here at the Kerux Group, we strive for excellence in each of these areas. If you’d like to practice applying these standards, check out our work at https://keruxgroup.com/see-kerux/. See for yourself if we measure up. Our diverse team of communications, design and media professionals would love to get to know your organization and build your connection with Hispanics.




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