What Nonprofits Must Know About Hispanics: Insights from Cledor Group

Why should my nonprofit risk investing in Hispanic marketing?

One way or another, many nonprofit leaders find themselves asking this question. Maybe you like the idea, but can’t justify devoting so many resources to a specific demographic. Whatever the case, you’re not the only one hesitating to target Hispanics. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why you should buck that trend. Court Stroud is a consultant with Cledor Group. During his interview with Kerux Group, he described how years of industry experience taught him the importance of Hispanic marketing. Here are the top factors he considers when Hispanic marketing is on the table.

A fair shot

Court started with a look at the history of marketing. For years, corporations in the U.S. didn’t speak to marginalized groups, due to their perceived insignificance or a fear that communicating was too complicated. Consequently, segments like Hispanics didn’t receive the same messages as everyone else. Court says it’s important for nonprofits’ messages to reach groups others have overlooked. In his view, multicultural marketing is about making sure everyone has a fair shot to be involved in your cause. In that sense, Hispanic marketing is valuable because it’s the right thing to do. Reaching out to Hispanics is a step toward greater equity.

A new marketplace

Still, it’s not just about ethics. Hispanics make up 18 percent of the overall population and 13 percent of households. And by next year, non-Hispanic whites are projected to be a minority of those under 18 years old. Continuing to rely on general market messaging is the greater financial risk when new demographics are becoming a larger chunk of the market. When you consider who lives in the United States today, and who will live here in the decades to come, Hispanic marketing clearly makes sense .

The help you need

“You don’t have to have the expertise to speak to the Hispanic community. Find partners that do.”

Perhaps you recognize the value of speaking to Hispanics, but you’re still hesitant because you don’t know how. That’s absolutely legitimate; breaking into a new market is challenging. And winning Hispanics’ hearts will take patience and perseverance. However, it’s not an excuse. Why? There are experts out there who are ready to help you get started! Court described St. Jude’s as a prime example in the nonprofit sector. The organization has been working for almost twenty years to connect with the Hispanic market. Of course, they didn’t start out knowing everything. So they partnered with a Spanish language radio network in order to better understand the market. Today, their efforts are paying off as Hispanics support them in increasing numbers. You can do the same! Find partners who can guide your nonprofit. Along the way, you’ll gain the experience you need.

An opportunity for today

When you consider the historical disparity, the current marketplace, and your options for the future, Hispanic marketing starts looking much more valuable. It’s not too late to engage the generosity and power of Hispanics! Kerux Group has experts from across the industry: educators, marketers, designers, and more. We are waiting for your signal, and we are uniquely equipped to assist. Let us know how we can help you embrace Hispanic marketing.





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