“The Kerux Group helped us see what it takes to develop a cohesive Spanish strategy across our international radio broadcast, digital presence, and events. I was impressed with their step-by-step approach, which starts by “listening well” and from there detect key concerns, potential growth opportunities and finally recommended actions.”

Gabe Buchholtz – International Representative


“The Hispanic community in the United States is so dynamic and so diverse that keeping up with the pace of its many interests is not an easy task. This characteristic applies to the Spanish Christian community. To serve them well, faith leaders need reliable data and practical media solutions. In my opinion, that is where the Kerux Group excels.”

David Coyolt – Spanish Marketing Director

HarperCollins Christian Publishers


“We asked the Kerux Group to meet with our team and analyze the needs of our ministry. They offered us innovative solutions that were on target with the latest cultural trends. They will definitely make you think about the effectiveness of what you are doing and make wise recommendations to take your ministry to the next level.”

Carmen Montgomery – Spanish Director

Insight for Living

“Bridging the gap between languages and cultures is a specialized skill the Kerux Group brings to the table. Add to that knowledge of the Spanish speaking Evangelical/Protestant Christian market and you have a rare combination of expertise indeed. Add to that knowledge of ministry, as well as the “for-profit” Christian market, and you practically have a unicorn. If you are exploring bringing cross-culture products to market, translating your content to expand your reach, or knowing how to launch to the Spanish speaking Christian world get these skills on board.”

Dan Pritchett – Executive Vice President

Faithlife Corporation


“At a time when we needed to create buzz and awareness for a new animated film series, the Kerux Group was a tremendous help. It was a worthwhile endeavor which continues to benefit us today.”

Robert Fernandez – Executive Producer

Herald Entertainment

“I am not personally acquainted with a Christian organization that knows the Hispanic community as well as the Kerux Group. From turning a simple idea into a solid marketing plan, they guide their clientele in a step-by-step process so that goals are not only met, but achieved in the timeframe established. If you want to be strategically assessed and guided to impact with the Gospel the emerging Spanish (and bilingual) demographic, reach out to the Kerux Group for trustworthy counsel.”

Erick Zaldaña – Spanish Pastor

Shadow Mountain Community Church


“The service provided to our organization by the Kerux Group has been outstanding. They were very careful in assessing the needs of our diverse operations while also encouraging us to move in new directions as we seek to reach the Spanish speaking community. You will discover they are a pleasure to work with and dedicated to acheive your goals.”

Ben Penfold – President

Camino Foundation

“I have confidence in the Kerux Group because I know its founder. Ivan was instrumental to get our startup off the ground. At GodTube, he designed website features, content, and promotions that attracted to our site half a million Spanish speaking users in less than a year. He also identified and secured partnerships with over 80 prominent Spanish Christian broadcasters. And when we needed to raise capital, Ivan presented our international vision to investors, resulting in a $10 million investment.”

Lloyd Chartrand – Co-founder