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Posted by David Isais / in FUNDRAISING

The Hard Truth About Hispanic Fundraising

We heard it often: “Would Hispanics contribute financially to our ministry or cause?” The reason Christian organizations are concerned is because they have not cracked the “formula” to mobilize the Spanish community to give. The lack of satisfactory results has led many organizations to abandon their efforts and discouraged others to even try.

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How smart do you sound in spanish?
Posted by Michelle Cruz / in MEDIA

How smart do you sound in Spanish?

People make judgments about us by the way we speak. How proficiently we speak a language tells others (rightly or wrongly) how intelligent we are. It is important to keep this in mind when deciding to dub your broadcast to Spanish. The actor’s voice, pace, emotion, and word selection will tell the viewers a lot about the maturity of your ministry. More on this later… First, let me share with you a personal experience that can bring this to life.

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Posted by Guillermo Powell / in CULTURE

The Art of Translation

Words, words, words. We use them to communicate, to share, to sell, to injure, to fight, to learn, to love. So much is done with words! But not all of us share the same pool of words to communicate. Since the days of the Tower of Babel, we’ve had to deal with a diversity of languages and, therefore, the need of translation. God is into translation. Not only did he divide human beings by the means of creating different languages, but many centuries later He then sought to unite us through the Word.

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