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Webinar: The Online Influence of Hispanics

The United States is rapidly becoming more multicultural. With Hispanic Heritage Month underway (September 15th through October 15th), now is the perfect time to learn how to engage with this community and convert them into your followers, advocates, donors, and buyers.

I am going to invite you to a free training event co-organized with Nielsen, one of the most trusted market research and insights firm in the world — but first, let me give you some context.

Nielsen recently released a new report that shows nonprofits are in the perfect place to engage Hispanics and benefit from their growth.

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How to help young Latinas thinking about abortion

Abortion among Hispanic women in the US has grown at an alarming rate. The Guttmacher Institute, an American organization committed to sexual and reproductive health, reports that 25{925090af81ab6eadb945e5632faa9cdb309d4f060e396770309da419bbc68490} of all abortions in 2014 were carried out by Hispanic women. This statistic is disturbing considering the demographic proportion of Hispanics versus other ethnical groups.

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