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Gain insights from cross-cultural experts to mobilize Hispanics behind your cause.

Watch exclusive interviews with senior executives from Fortune 500 companies and creatives from award winning Hispanic marketing agencies.


  • Why Hispanics are key to driving impact and financial growth.
  • What language they prefer to communicate in (Spanish, English or both).
  • What content types and publishing platforms are most effective for engaging Hispanics.
  • What safe approaches you can take to launch or strengthen your Hispanic outreach.
  • How to effectively support a Hispanic initiative, minimizing cost.
  • How to earn Hispanics’ commitment, loyalty, and trust.


Access supplemental articles that expand on the big ideas, strategies, cases, and recommendations – and help you apply them in your own setting.

The articles combine material from the interviews, the conference keynote sessions and panels, and what the experts have written elsewhere. You’ll dig deeper and learn more. We’re excited to offer you this collection of untapped insights.

What nonprofit leaders are saying about this resource

Today, constant culture and demographic shifts have made it far more difficult to get your message on the radar of the public, but the rapid growth of the Hispanic community brings non-profit organizations a remarkable opportunity. In these interviews and complementary articles, the Kerux Group delivers insights that are pivotal to capturing the hearts and minds of this critical audience.

Phil Cooke, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO,
Cooke Media Group

Non-profit leaders must wake up to the fact that cultural diversity is the clearest path to continued growth and Hispanics are a prime target for greater outreach. The Kerux Group has captured the guidance of leading marketing executives on how to engage and convert Hispanics into strong supporters for your cause.

Tami Heim

CEO, Christian
Leadership Alliance

The future of digital fundraising is in the Hispanic community. This new video and article series from the Kerux Group provides insightful and very practical ways to unlock the giving hearts of this important donor group. Watch these videos. Then dive deeper on the articles. And put to work the collective wisdom of these experts for your own online fundraising goals.

Tim Kachuriak

Chief Innovation &
Optimization Officer

About KERUX GROUP and Culture Marketing Council

At the Kerux Group, we help faith-based organizations speak to the hearts of Hispanics. Our team of bilingual and bicultural professionals blends a wealth of experience with genuine interest in your purpose. Giving you tools and tips to help you advance your mission with confidence among Hispanics is one of our passions. That’s why last year, we joined the Culture Marketing Council Annual Conference. CMC has been championing the Hispanic market for twenty years, amplifying the voices of experts and advocating for cultural fluency. The organization strives to educate and develop the industry. At the conference, we tapped into the marketing wisdom of corporate executives and veteran agency leaders during one-on-one interviews.